BLACKCAT BICYCLES Smooth Road Frame Set / Half Moon 50


SIZE: 50cm
COLOR: Half Moon
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This time, we asked Todd to create THE SMOOTH ROAD.
First of all, we tried to come up with a counter and solution to the many road bikes that are flooding the market, based on the basic concept of "simple is the best". It is not simply a nostalgic port of call for steel, nor is it excessively high performance to the point of being unusable, but we have tried to imagine the feelings and thoughts of cyclists who want to ride the Black Cat. Of course, the basic principles of the choice of materials and optimization of the numbers were especially important, and the visual appeal of the Black Cat was further refined and the handmade steel fork with different offsets for each size was of course adopted. The wide range of batterette sizes of the TrueTemper OX is accurately incorporated into each production, taking into account the differences in size, to create a new value, a smooth road proposition.

Handmade in Aptos, California


Paint Scheme : Level 2 / Black Stripes
Tubing : TrueTemper OX & Columbus Zona
Seat Tube : 500mm / 73.75deg.
Top Tube : 520mm(Effective)
BB Drop : 70mm
Head Tube : 112mm / 71.5deg.
Chain Stay : 410mm
Tire Clearance : ~28c
Fork Offset : 50mm
Feature : Custom Made BlackCat Fork
Fillet Welding
Threaded BB
Price : Price : ¥400,000 (Frame & Fork Kit)

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