BLACKCAT BICYCLES Pass Master Disc Road / Science Olive 53


SIZE: 53cm
COLOR: Science Olive

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Named Pass Master, this disc road is best for you, with a natural ride frame that makes you want to run forever under the blue sky, along with coloring that shines with Todd's outstanding sense of builder. We will provide one and time.
The disc road has the stable braking force of the disc brake and the lightness of the road racer, and the custom-made carbon fork made by Wound Up provides the best handling, making it the most enjoyable climbing and descending the pass. It has become.

Handmade in Aptos, California


Paint Scheme: Science Olive
Seat Tube: 530mm (C-T)
Top Tube: 535mm
Chain Stay: 410mm
Tire Clearance: ~ 30c
Feature: Feature: Custom Made WoundUp Disc Fork
BlackCat Original Disc Rear End
Price: Price: ¥ 325,500 (Frame & Fork Kit)

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