BIKE JERKS No Gods No Masters Patch


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"Small awareness enriches us"

Former ALL-CITY Jeff, Jeffrey G Frane's BIKE JERKS, puts this word up and puts it into practice. He is undoubtedly an important figure in Minneapolis' cycling culture, not only designing original products but also holding events such as Arley Cat and Cyclocross Race in Minneapolis before starting ALL-CITY. It can be said that it is one of.

He is sometimes criticized for his misunderstandings, but he believes that it is a life work, accepts all antis and fans, and continues his activities.

"No Gods No Masters"


"Proceed with your own power without relying on God or Buddha"
A manifest that is just right for biking.
No one can put you in the passenger seat of a car on the road, even if you are tired and still. Let's step on the pedal with your own feet.


Size: 10cm x 4cm

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