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It's the little things that make us rich.

These words are the motto and practice of BIKE JERKS, created by former ALL-CITY member Jeffrey G. Frane. He has been involved in organizing events such as the Arley Cat and grassroots cyclocross races in Minneapolis since before he started ALL-CITY, and is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in Minneapolis' cycling culture. He is definitely one of the most important figures in Minneapolis cycling culture.

He has been criticized for his stance at times, but he believes it is his life's work, and he takes it all in stride, antagonists and fans alike.

" Do No Harm. Take No Shit."
This phrase is associated with a coiling snake, a bee with a stinger, and a rose with a thorn.

Let's put it on our frames and helmets and insist on it to the unscrupulous vehicles that invade our bike lanes.


Size: 11cm x 4cm

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