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Barebones LivingIs a brand that GOAL-ZERO founder Robert Workman develops products with a feeling that he really wants to use based on the concept of familiar outdoor lifestyle.
In addition, with humanitarian assistance that has continued since the GOAL-ZERO era, guidance and support for American farmers, provision of tents in the event of an earthquake in Nepal, local agriculture using fallow farming, and food guidance We are actively doing such things.

 Forest Lantern LED 2.0A rechargeable lantern that imitates a cantera for coal mines. The battery is a rechargeable lithium battery and uses a gentle light bulb color LED bulb. The maximum output is 200 lumens for 3 hours, and the minimum output is 80 hours or more. The steel body never gets hot while lit, so you can rest assured that it will be used in family camps with young children. It can be charged with the included USB cable and can be lit continuously for 3-80 hours depending on the settings. It is a design that can be used even if it is hung or placed without making a sound when it is lit.

Recently, more and more people are choosing LED lanterns for safety reasons. A lantern with a sophisticated design that is convenient, easy to handle. It is the best one to accompany the camp.

■ Size: H24.13 x W15.2cm
■ LED: 5W Cree
■ Brightness: 1-200 lumens
■ Continuous lighting time: Low 80 hours / Hi 3 hours
■ Charging time: 4-6 hours

■ Charging performance: (input voltage-current) 5V-maximum 1.5A or less
■ Waterproof: IPX4 (splash-proof type)
■ Accessories: 8Wh lithium-ion battery (built-in) / microUSB cable for charging

■ Enamel processing: Steel / Plastic / Rubber steel
■ Body edge: Stainless steel

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