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Isn't the big cold wave scary ?! Seeing Virtua reminds me of Virtua Fighter.

Suddenly, Virtua Fighter (SEGA's fighting game) used a character called Rion all the time. I was more of a Tekken sect than Virtua, but I did a decent job.
The boss of Circles doesn't have teeth on Street Fighter II, but I think Virtua can do it. I want to fight someday.
Just !!
It's just!
It's really cold!
A big cold wave is coming nationwide and there is a risk of snowfall in Nagoya !!
I would like you to ride a bicycle even on such a cold day !! (Please be careful when it snows.)
But when you ride a bicycle on a cold day, your hands are cold ...
Even if I'm wearing gloves, my hands are clenched and the brakes don't work.
I think there are such dangerous things.
Today I would like to introduce this one that is useful in such a case !!

It doesn't matter if it's cool, if it's not cool, if you can laugh a little, or if you can't laugh.
It's warm !!
By all means, how about a warm Bermitz in preparation for the big cold wave on the weekend !?
Also available for flat handles.
And the reason why I talked about Virtua Fighter at the beginning is that when I see Virtua, as the title says, it reminds me of the character Rion I was using.
Rion is a character who fights using a fist method called "Mantis Fist", and as the name suggests, he fights with his hands shaped like a mantis.

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