AMBROSIO Nemesis (TU / 700c)

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AMBROSIO, a long-established Italian rim manufacturer with a history of 80 years.

This Nemesis, which can be said to be a standard thin rim with a low rim height, which has become less common these days, is a standard rim of Ambrosio that still has many users. The advantage of light weight is good for hill climbs and track races, and the hard alumite treatment makes it extremely strong for a rim with a low rim height.

In recent years, even in classic races like Paris-Roubaix, some players even violated the team's contract. Moderate suppleness and strength comparable to the push-up of cobblestones gave the rider a sense of security in harsh situations such as classic races.

Even nowadays when the choice of tubular rims is decreasing, rims that have been still useful for a long time. This is a standard rim for those who want to use tubular tires, and is also recommended for cyclocross racing.


● Size: 28 ”
● Number of holes: 32H
● ERD: 611mm
● Weight: 430g
● Eyelet: Double
● Finish: Durex

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