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94% biodegradable in 1 day and 100% biodegradable in 7 days.

A biodegradable detergent born from accident handling research on marine tankers.
Biodegradation means that things are returned to nature by consumption (eating) by microorganisms, that is, they are reduced to carbon dioxide and water.

The faster it is, the less burden it puts on the environment. Most of "All things in Nature" is biodegraded in 24 hours.


With just a small amount, the dirt will be removed firmly.

You can wash with just one teaspoon (about 5 ml). There is little foaming and you only need to rinse once, so you don't have to worry about using extra water.
It also supports the drum type.

Comfortable washing with the scent of lavender.

Blended with essential oils such as lavender instead of preservatives.
While washing, the scent of lavender makes washing fun.
Lavender essential oil also has antibacterial properties, so you don't mind the odor even if you dry it in the room.

Hand-washing / dry-marked clothing, down material clothing, and futons are all OK with this one.

Since the liquid is neutral, you can wash dry-marked products such as wool, silk, and cashmere, which are not good at strong alkali.
Since there is little foaming, you can easily wash your hands by rinsing lightly.

In addition, you can wash clothing made of waterproof and breathable materials such as down and rainwear.
It can be washed with your usual laundry, saving water, saving time, and being economical.
Of course, it can be washed by itself. Please refer to the washing test results for details.


It's soft and fluffy, so you don't need fabric softener.

"All things in Nature" does not allow stains that have been peeled off to reappear on the fabric. By that action, each fiber stands up and is finished softly. Even when dried, there are almost no wrinkles left on the dough.


There is no offensive odor or clogging of the drain pipe.

"All things in Nature" biodegrades oil 100% speedily.

Re-aggregation of oil (dirt that has been peeled off once is hardened again.
Since there is no (leading to recontamination), not only is there no offensive odor or clogging of the drain pipe, but there is no need for a washing tub or drain pipe cleaner.


It can also be used in low temperature areas (water temperature 5 ° C) and hard water areas. Safe even in cold regions.

In cold climates, powdered soap (including detergent) leaves undissolved residue on clothing.
The liquid "All things in Nature" has no undissolved residue and can be used from a water temperature of 5 degrees.

Even in hard water areas, it is a neutral detergent that is resistant to minerals and exerts detergency.


Excellent compatibility with laundry aids.

It can also be used in combination with oxygen bleach, alkaline agents such as layered sodium sesquicarbonate, and citric acid.


One rinse is OK.

"All things in Nature" has low foaming properties, but the surfactant used is about 1/9 that of general detergents.

Residue on clothes is about 1/6 of general detergent, which is very small, 0.00411g, when rinsing with 3kg of laundry. From that point as well, one rinse is sufficient.
Also, comparing the amount of palm oil and coconut oil used with soap, the manufacturing method of "All things in Nature" is actually 1/100.

* In the case of the drum type, the amount of water is originally small and the detergent is thick, so we recommend rinsing twice.


You can make all-purpose detergent with All things in Nature.

You can make a universal detergent by diluting "All things in Nature" in a spray bottle container at a ratio of 1: 4.
Clean it by spraying it on the collar and sleeves of shirts and then washing it.
For point stains such as spilled food, spray the tip of the spray directly.
It can be used not only for washing, but also for cleaning around water such as baths, washrooms, and toilets.


Internal capacity 500ml (100 times)
Material / All ingredients Ingredients / Detergent Ingredients: Higher alcohol (non-ionic) 9% Palm oil Fatty acid Alkanolamide 7% Fragrance ingredient: Natural essential oils (lavender oil, hoo oil, bergamot oil) 1% Others: Water 83% (no additives used) ) Liquid: Neutral Use: Washing cotton, linen, synthetic fiber, wool, silk fabric 

* Biodegradation of cleaning components by JIS test method 94% (1 day later) 100% (7 days later) * OECD standard is cleared even in the DOC test method, which is an international test method.
Country of origin made in Japan
Main applications Washing cotton, linen, synthetic, wool and silk fabrics (the number of washings is calculated as 30 liters of water or 3 kg of clothing)
Washing machine type Swirl type, stirring type, rotating drum type
Main features ● Uses 100% plant-derived cleansing ingredients that are kind to the skin and the environment. 
● You can wash 100 times with a 500ml bottle. 
● It is the first detergent in Japan to achieve one rinse. 
● You can wash with this one without the need for fabric softener. 
● No additives such as phosphorus, fluorescent agents and preservatives are used.
● The scent uses lavender, bergamot, and hoo oil (5 ml).
● It is a natural essential oil and has antibacterial and fragrant effects.
● 94% in one day and 100% in one week will return naturally.
● Pump 5 pushes (approx. 5 ml) for one dose. 
● Washable from cotton to wool, silk and dry mark products
● Low firing property, one rinse, compatible with rotating drum type. 
● Can be used in low temperature areas (water temperature 5 ℃ ~) and hard water areas. 
● There is no offensive odor or clogging of the drain pipe.
Precautions for use ● If you are worried about rough hands due to essential oils, please use cooking gloves. If it gets in your eyes or swallows, vomit, drink water, rinse, etc., and then consult a specialist. Please keep out of reach of children. ● In rare cases, allergic reactions occur to natural essential oils (essential oil / lavender oil, bergamot oil, hoo oil) in the ingredients, so please refrain from using such people.
About the color of the detergent solution There is no change or difference in the ingredients depending on the color of the liquid. If you are interested, you can shake it.
Standard usage ● 5 ml for 30 liters of water or 3 kg of laundry (5 pumps)
● For 60 liters of water or 6 kg of laundry 7-8 ml (pump 7-8 times)
* If it is not particularly dirty, it is okay to put it in sparingly (2 to 3 pumps are OK).

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