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120th anniversary of Kenji Miyazawa's birth! !!

"Kenji Miyazawa, Life in the Mountains" has been released by the A & F Publishing Division.
Kenji Miyazawa, famous for his fairy tales such as "Night on the Galactic Railroad" and poems such as "Ame ni Mo Makezu", was a naturalist who was a master of mountain walking and loved nature deeply.

Since he was in elementary school, he has traversed mountains, hills, and forests, and his alumni report that he was a hero for his dashing legs. I was familiar with many mountains such as Mt. Iwate and Mt.

Many of Kenji's fairy tales and poems are born from such experiences. This book introduces the works created by becoming familiar with the mountains and fostering a rich sensitivity to nature from the ones left by Kenji Miyazawa, while telling a lot of mysterious and interesting episodes.

Japan was the dawn of modern mountaineering when Kenji was repeatedly traveling in the mountains. The idea of alpinism was introduced from the West, and early modern mountaineers appeared, but they wrote down travelogues on mountaineering as journalism developed. In this book, in the commentary and columns, I also wrote a lot about the early climbers who lived "mountain life" at the same time as Kenji. We select the finest items from their travelogues, introduce the impressive sentences in them, and briefly touch on the figures.

■ Edited by: Shuji Sawamura
■ Picture: Keiko Yokote
■ Book design: Taii Ashizawa
■ Features: Boxed French clothing, luxury books

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