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Everest's first ascent is a moving non-fiction work depicting Everest's first ascent.

This work, which has been unavailable for a long time, has been published as a new complete version.
Britain, which reached the North Pole and lost the South Pole conquest, took the honor of the empire to conquer the third polar region Everest, and the 1st Everest expedition was organized in 1921 and continued to challenge until the 7th Everest expedition in 1938. Everest. In the 3rd Everest Expedition in 1924, Irvine and Mallory became unknown at the top of the northeastern ridge, near the summit, and the summit domination is still the biggest mystery. After World War II, an expedition headed by Colonel John Hunt was sent in 1953 under a perfect system, and Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay finally arrived at 11:30 am on May 29. We have achieved the first ascent of Everest.
The whole process of managing a team of more than 50 people and succeeding is a moving non-fiction drawn by Captain John Hunt himself.

Author: John Hunt
Translated by: Kaoru Yoshida
Page: 363p

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