TUNE Hub technology

Why is the TUNE hub so special?

The love and dedication that TUNE puts into its hubs is not a half-hearted effort. On top of that, the technical competence is also solidly convincing: TUNE hubs are lightweight, durable, easy to maintain, and will give all your bikes that extra special sparkle.


It's a free ride for you, so why not make the hub yours, too? Choose the right hubs to fit every inch of your vehicle according to your specifications. All hubs are custom-assembled and adjusted by hand.


Choose from 7 anodized colors.

End cap

TUNE end caps are compatible with all standards that exist on the market and are available in aluminum and carbon.

Disc brake interface

Disc brake interface can be selected from 6-bolt or center-lock*.

*Center Lock brake disc mounts licensed by Shimano

Ball bearing type

There are three types of ball bearings:

- "Standard" bearings are combined with "3T Sky" freehubs.

- "Endurance" bearings are specially sealed for the worst environments such as CX, Gravel and XC and are combined with "Endurance" freehubs.

- "Ceramic" bearings are ultra-lightweight ceramic hybrid ball bearings and are combined with "3T Sky" and "6T Sky" freehubs.

spoke interface

Choice of classic J-bend or straight pull

Freewheel type

There are three types of freewheels:

- the ultra-light Skyline 3-Teeth, with three titanium poles, "3T Sky".

- Enhanced Endurance freewheel body, the "Endure".

- 6T Sky" with six titanium poles and thus twice the engagement points

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