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Inline S-Bend Seat Stays

Seven Cycles "pioneered" the S bend seat stay in the latter half of the 90's after researching how to balance two extremely important factors, "flexibility" and "traction" in the rear bag. Almost all of Seven's frames are constructed with in-line seatstays with both bends on a single plane.


Moto 3D Seat Stays

Seven's Moto Seat Stay is an evolved version of the S Bend Seat Stay that offers more aggressive cornering, more stable switchback descent, and excellent driving feel even in what seems to be the worst.

This moto seat stay design, which can improve the traction of the rear tires without compromising the frame rigidity, has a more advanced profile than the design that only bends two places on a single plane into an S shape, and is three-dimensional. It is realized by bending and butted processing. A dramatic seat stay that allows input from multiple directions while minimizing weight.

The combination with a 1-inch chain stay is the optimum solution for high rigidity and shock absorption.

Moto 3D Seat Stays