Paint your Seven Cycles frame

The painting department in Seven's own factory has unrivaled technological capabilities. The facility has a state-of-the-art spray booth, a custom-colored mixing room, and a dust-free drying booth. More importantly, they have a team of Seven Cycles painters who can always pay attention to their passionate and painstaking work, as well as their creative, high level of artistry and expertise. is.

There are more than 40 colors to choose from.

Plan your painting by combining 17 different schemes with as many as 40 colors. From simple single-color painting to complex and delicate special painting, Seven Cycles carefully finishes a special one for you.
You can also color it with your own scheme or your own special color.

Solid Color

New colors for 2016

Metalic Color


  • Black, White Outline
  • White, Black Outline
  • Clear, White Outline

Scheme Level 1

Ti frame ¥ 74,800 ~

Scheme Level 2

Ti frame ¥ 105,600 ~ 

L2: Brassard


Scheme Level 3

Ti frame ¥ 136,400 ~ 

A special one for you

  • If you order the fork together with the frame, you can apply the paint that matches the frame to the fork for free.
  • Painting with your original scheme or custom colors will be outstanding if you use the skills of the Seven Cycles paint team. Please feel free to contact us.