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Seven Thru-Axle Dropouts

Originally designed by Seven Cycles, the through-axle dropout gives titanium disc brake bikes unprecedented durability. Flat mount specifications are standard, and it can be used for rear ends of any width, and it is compatible with rotors with a diameter of 140-160 mm with or without fender eyelets.

Asymmetric Fastback Dropouts and 1 "Chain Stays

It is an option to adopt a chain stay and dropout designed asymmetrically.

Seven Cycles states that "forms follow functions." Taking over this principle, we upgrade the frame, which tends to be symmetrically designed, to a more ideal structure. It provides a platform that is 75% stiffer than the titanium thru-axle dropouts that are popular on the market.

This fastback design not only provides a stiffer drivetrain that improves acceleration performance, but also brings significant benefits to disc brake performance and alignment. It does not squeak or judder. The welded surface at the joint with the chain stay is more than doubled, and a straighter and stronger joint can be obtained.

It also has the great advantage of being 60g lighter than the standard disc brake dropout system.

Asymmetric Fastback Dropouts & 1 "Chain Stays