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Inline Chain Stays

It is a normal S bend chain stay. The functions and shapes that have been refined over the years can be said to be the "face" of the frame produced by Seven. We can freely design the tire clearance according to your requirements.

Dropped Chain Stay

This is a type of asymmetric chain stay. The driveside chainstays "drop" large, bypassing the lower side where the tire-chainring gap is wider and connecting the dropout to the BB shell. It is possible to shorten the chain stay length by about 10 to 15 mm compared to in-line.


Dropped Chain Stay

Chopped Chain Stay

The chain stay on the drive side is a two-piece structure that is bent below the chain ring and welded to the added segment. Although it will increase the weight to some extent, it can be shortened by about 20 to 30 mm compared to the in-line. Rigidity is not inferior.


Chopped Chain Stay

1 ”and 7/8” Chain Stays

One of the real thrills of building a custom-made frame at Seven Cycles is the ability to freely control the tubes in various parts of the frame. For example, the drivetrain should be highly rigid while maintaining the comfort of the front triangle.

Many riders prefer standard 7/8 inch diameter chainstays. This is a tube that balances lightness and power transfer. Since the tire clearance can be wider than the 1-inch diameter stay, the rear center can be shortened accordingly.

On the other hand, a 1-inch diameter seat stay is an element that Seven needs to build a drivetrain with higher rigidity. The goal is to transfer the energy generated by the rider to the rear hub as a complete driving force. While increasing the outer diameter and reducing the wall thickness by that amount to suppress weight increase, as a result, the 1-inch seat stay has improved bending rigidity and torsional rigidity by 50% or more compared to 7/8 inch. For XX grade frames, this is butted to further reduce weight.

There is no harder drivetrain in the handmade bike market. And these1 inch chain stay and fast back dropoutCombined with a 12mm thru axle, drivetrain efficiency is pushed to the limit.