Is the ADVENT X 10-speed shifter/derailleur compatible with Shimano 10-speed shifter/derailleur?

No. The ADVENT X is not compatible with Shimano 10-speed shifters/derailleurs. ADVENT X has a different cable pull than Shimano 10 speed products. ADVENT X shifters and derailleurs are optimized as part of the ADVENT X group.

Can the ADVENT X system be used with any 10-speed cassette?

ADVENT X is compatible with standard 10-speed cassette spacing.
We recommend using cassettes with a maximum cog in the 46t to 48t range.
It is possible to go smaller than this, but it will adversely affect shifting.

◆What brake calipers can be used with drop bar brakes/shifters?

All microSHIFT brake levers are compatible with short-pull mechanical calipers. Hydraulic brake levers are not currently in production.

Can I use smaller / larger range cassettes with Acolyte / Advent / ADVENT X derailleurs?

microSHIFT derailleurs work best within the recommended maximum cog width range. Acolyte and Advent are 42-46t and ADVENT X is 46-48t.
Smaller ranges will work, but the distance between the guide pulley and the cog of the cassette will be longer. As a result, the shifting speed will be slower and will not exceed the user's expectations.
Please do not exceed the maximum cog specification as this will stress the system, damage the derailleur, and may adversely affect the shifting.

◆Can Acolyte be used on children's bicycles?

Acolyte is designed to work on most 24" wheels. Make sure the rear wheel has a standard HG free body hub, not a freewheel.

Can ◆Advent work with shifters and bar shifters for R9?

No. Advent will not work with the R9 shifter or bar shifter. Advent has its own cable pulls, which are much longer than those of R9 to accommodate a wide range of cassette sizes. Therefore, it is not possible to combine these two groups.

Are all ◆bar shifters and bar-end shifters the same mounting size?

No. All bar shifters and bar end shifters have the same mount size. There are two types of mount sizes, one for MTB and the other for road. Mountain shifters have a larger diameter due to the amount of pull.

◆What style of cable should I use?

Most microSHIFT products use SHIMANO style brake and shifter cables, which are considered the standard. The only exceptions are the DS and DN series twist shifters, which use Campagnolo style cables.

▼Technical Questions.

*The video is in English, so please watch with subtitles.

◆ ◆ How do I adjust the minimum cog position of the basic rear derailleur for Acolyte / Advent / ADVENT X?

◆How do I adjust the maximum cog position of the basic rear derailleur for Acolyte / Advent / ADVENT X?

How do I install a new cable on a flat bar shifter?

It is not necessary to disassemble the shifter to replace the cable. For more information on the procedure, please click here for a more detailed procedure. To summarize, the shifter is installed with the shifter lever at the top. To summarize, first shift into the highest gear (smallest gear) using the top shift lever. Remove the cable cap * (marked in red). Loosen the cable fixing bolt on the derailleur. Remove the old cable by pushing the cable head into the cable port. Route the new cable from the narrow end into the cable port and out through the barrel adjuster. Make sure the cable head is fully seated securely.

*Some shifters may not have cable caps. If so, the cable port is located next to the upper shift lever.

How do I install a new cable on a drop-bar shifter?

◆How can I make sure that the Acolyte / Advent / ADVENT X derailleur does not hit the maximum cog of the cassette?

B - Make sure that the tension bolt is properly adjusted. Please watch the video above and follow the adjustment instructions to create the gap as shown below.
For Acolyte / Advent, the gap should be 11~13 mm, and for ADVENT X, the gap should be 15~17 mm between the guide pulley and the maximum cog of the cassette. If that adjustment is not possible, the chain may be too long. Most derailleur cages are eccentric, so when the cage is pulled toward the chainring, the guide pulley should move out of the way of the cassette's large cog, but if there is too much slack in the chain, the guide pulley may ride on the maximum cog Please note that if the chain has too much slack, the guide pulley may ride on the maximum cog.

How do I tighten the clutch on an Advent / ADVENT X derailleur?

Remove the clutch cover with a Phillips screwdriver. Tighten the clutch bolt with a T15 Torx a quarter turn at a time. This will apply pressure to the friction washer and strengthen the clutch. It is also important to remember the proper feeling of the clutch strength, as it is useful to test it manually.

▼ List of manuals

*All manuals are in English.

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