Velocity Quill Is the tubeless tape on the rim 21 mm or 24 mm? Which of Quill's tubeless standards applies to BST-R or ETRTO?

21mm for velocity quill rimBelo tapeWill fit.

BST-R is an abbreviation for "Bead Socket Technology / Road" by Stans, and is the same proprietary technology / standard name as UST such as Mavic. ETRTO, on the other hand, stands for "European Tire and Rim Technology Organization" and is the name of the organization that sets the standard for tires and rims in Europe.

Compared to the BSD standard value (622 mm for 700c), the height of the sidewall of the tubeless rim, the position of the bead hook, the shape, etc. are designed in various ways depending on the manufacturer/model. Tire manufacturers are also researching, developing, and designing various bead diameters, bead materials, etc. for tubeless compatible and tubeless-ready tires. Therefore, it is undeniable that we are still in a situation where we cannot understand until we try it.
However, it seems that there are two major merits and demerits, mainly for the European market and for the North American market. Velocity is naturally designed for North America, so it's safe to assume that products for North America such as WTB, Maxis, and Panaracer tend to be compatible. However, that is not necessarily the case that tires such as Schwalbe, Continental, and Vittoria are incompatible and cannot be recommended, and there are many parts that cannot be fully recommended without trying them, which is the current tubeless situation.


VELOPLUGSThere are two types. I couldn't tell just by reading the specifications whether it was red or yellow that fits Blunt35. I would appreciate it if you could tell me which one is suitable.

Regarding VELOPLUGS, all Bblunt 35 and Blunt series are suitable for "red" products. Other models are as follows. The color changes depending on the presence or absence of eyelets.

・ For VELOCITY rims without "red" eyelets (A23, A23OC only do not support VELOPLUGS)
・ For VELOCITY rims with "yellow" eyelets


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