◆ Currently, SIMWORKS Homage is installed on gravel aluminum bikes. I especially like the stability of commuting on rainy days. However, I don't run much on rough roads, and I often drive on paved roads, so I'm thinking of purchasing SIMWORKS VOLUMMY. How is the running performance different between 32C and 38C? Also, will there be a difference between 32C and 38C on wet paved roads?

The thicker the tire, the larger the ground contact area. The larger the ground contact area, the less slippery it will be, so it will be safe even on paved roads such as rain. However, as the ground contact area increases, the rolling resistance also increases. It can be said that 32c has a lighter driving feeling.
Grip and ground contact are greatly affected by the tread pattern of the tire, so it is a good idea to choose a pattern that suits your situation. Volummy is a perfect match if you don't run on rough roads.
In addition, the ground contact area and running feeling are greatly related to the air pressure, so if you search for your favorite air pressure, you can get a more ideal setting.
In addition, thick tires not only increase the width, but also the outer diameter of the wheels themselves. The larger the outer diameter, the higher the running performance. The height of the bike will be higher, and the handling will change (because the trail value changes). This change of a few millimeters is delicate, but it's quite noticeable, and it's also fun to customize your bike.
Appearance is also important. If you like The Homage's thick looks, the 38c Volummy is for you. (Personally, if you can fit thick tires, I would like to use thick tires.) It has a large air volume and a really smooth ride. Please try tubeless. It rolls better and is the best!


◆ Can The Homage tires be used tubeless?

The answer to this question is a little confusing, such as "sometimes it can be used tubeless."
The manufacturer, Panaracer, has replied that it is not possible to officially claim "tubeless compatible". This is because the design does not include tubeless use, but at the same time, I heard that it can be used tubeless, although we cannot guarantee it.
In fact, there are cases where SimWorks has succeeded in making homage tires tubeless by taking measures such as increasing the amount of sealant from the specified amount.
Tubeless specifications become practical wheels only when multiple parts such as rims, rim tapes, valves, and sealants function properly, not just tires. It is premised that you understand the principle / structure accurately and ensure safety, but I think that such a challenge is also the real pleasure of a custom bicycle. There is a usual phrase that it is within the scope of self-responsibility, but I think it will be interesting to try it.


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