Anna Lee StemCan the above products be used for carbon fork columns? Also, the length of the column on the headset is 43 mm, is this number sufficient?

You can use it with a carbon column fork without any problem. Observe the maximum tightening torque specified by the fork and be careful of damage due to overtorque.

The column must be inserted at least 67 mm.
This stem is designed so that the clamp bolt sticks out and comes down, and the rider side is a neat and beautiful stem. In exchange for its beauty, having to put a "split" under the protrusion that is loaded from the handle inevitably reduces the strength compared to products that do not. Tests have shown that the less steering column inserted, the faster it breaks. Therefore, Nitto's answer is that it is prohibited to use it unless the steering column is firmly inserted up to the top of the column clamp.

Also, this stem cannot be used with a shim sandwiched between 1-inch column forks.


Beatnik Seat PostI'm considering purchasing 250mm, but I heard that it hasn't been made anymore. If you want to cut 300mm, how many mm can you cut?

Regarding the Beatnik post, the seat tube must be at least 65mm inserted. It is okay to cut as much as you can if you keep this insertion amount when using. However, if you cut it, it is equivalent to "modification" and you will not be able to receive the product warranty. Please keep this in mind.


Beatnik Seat PostCould you please tell me the torque to fix the yagura? I set it to 8nm to see if it's too strong, but it may be off when I notice it.

The specified tightening torque for the fixing bolts on the Yagra clamp of the Beatnik seatpost is 16 to 18 Nm.


◆ I was looking for an MTB stem and arrived here. Immediately,Caroline StemIs there a setting such as 90 ° (0 °) or 5 ° for the angle of? Or can I make a custom order?

First of all, the Caroline stem and Anna Lee stem are up to cross bikes according to Nitto's durability standards, and unfortunately they cannot be used on mountain bikes. We recommend the Rhonda stem with four handlebar clamps. One-tightening has a neat and simple look and looks good, but the fixing force is inevitably inferior. I think it is wise to think that it is not suitable for off-road including CX.
This stem is set to 80 degrees only. Unfortunately, we cannot accept custom orders due to the minimum lot.


◆ I was looking for a black thread stem and found this item. Gettin'Hungry Stem TomatoI would like to know about the top cap, but in the case of tomatoes, can I only choose red as the color of the cap?

The Getin Hungry stem has a green or red cap color depending on the handle clamp diameter. Mainly tomatoes for road racers (75 degrees / 26.0 mm diameter) are treated with passion red, and lettuce for mountain bikes (90 degrees / 25.4 mm) is treated with green image of nature.
We like it very much, but for those who really want to change it,It is also sold separately.


Gettin'Hungry StemPlease tell me the post length of. Also, please tell me the post length when the stem is pushed to the limit line.

The post length of the Getin Hungry Stem is approximately 150mm from the top of the cap to the bottom of the mortar. The limit line is around 70mm from the bottom, so it will be about 80mm above it.


◆ There are stems with angles of 80 degrees and 100 degrees, but I can't tell the difference even if I check them online. I want to make it face up (the handle position is higher). Which should I choose?

The angle of the stem indicates how many angles the stem protrudes from the steering column.

Of the SimWorks by Nitto stems, the 31.8 diameter Rhonda Stem and Dirty Rhonda Stem, the 25.4 diameter Tomboy Stem, and the 26.0 diameter Wendy Stem can be used upside down.
These are tilted 10 degrees from the right angle of the steering column, so if you attach it downward, it will be 80 degrees, and if you attach it upward, it will be 100 degrees. When installing, the top and bottom of the face plate can be turned upside down, so the orientation of the logo can be adjusted.


TOMBOY StemIs it possible to buy only one bolt for the handle tightening part?

Nitto stem spare boltsClick hereAvailable from.


◆ Full carbon front fork and handleCaroline StemI'm going to use, but is there any problem with the compatibility with carbon columns and handles?

Regarding the compatibility between Caroline Stem and carbon parts, there is no particular problem. However, carbon parts are still a delicate material in terms of strength, so it is necessary to observe the tightening torque of each part specified by carbon parts and be careful not to damage it due to overtightening of bolts. there is.
Also, as a supplement, it is not limited to our products, but when used in riding such as cyclocross where strong vertical force is applied, depending on the combination of handle and stem, it is tightened to the upper limit of the specified tightening torque. However, please note that the handle may turn.


WILD HONEY BARRegarding the handle width of, I think that the numerical value of the end width is written, but please tell me the handle width at the bracket position. (Difference from end width)

The difference from the handle width (end width) is about -70mm when the handle starts to drop, and about -40mm at the middle (front part) of the drop. Each is a value in C-C. Please try to reference.


SimWorks StemPlease tell me the stack height of.

Rhonda, Dirty Rhonda, Caroline Stem stack height is 42mm.
The stack height of the Tomboy, Wendy stem is 40mm.
Anna Lee, Anna Lee S Stem stack height is 72mm.


◆ For 20 inch (406) mini veloObento RackWhenOn The RoadCan be installed? If it could be installed, would it be awkward because there would be a large gap between it and the tires? By the way, the bike frame is Bruno Ventura with a cantilever brake.

Whether or not it can be installed can only be judged by looking at the actual condition of the frame, so we cannot make an accurate judgment.

For reference, I did an image search for your bicycle. You can see the eyelets on the front fork and rear end. (Specifications may differ depending on the model year and lot, so just for reference) I think that it is possible to install it if you use this, but I think that these are probably prepared for fender installation. Therefore, I think it is necessary to carefully judge whether the rack has sufficient strength when installing it.

Our rack is designed to be mounted on a 26 "to 700c size bike, so it is used when mounting on a cantilever brake pedestal."Connecting stick"May need to be changed to a longer one.

Last but not least, it's awkward, isn't it? This is the only way to judge by installing it.

Certainly, I think there will be a large gap between the rack and the tire. Appearance is important, but function is also important, so what is more important for you?


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