I'm currently building a Seven 650b bike and I'm thinking of using WTB Byway tires. Which fender do you recommend? I'm not sure which one is the best, so please tell me which one is right for you. Please let me know if you can choose brass or titanium.

Smooth 62I think the 650b size fits.

Below are some fitting samples.


I often see 650b plus bikes with fenders, but I want to install them on my Kona Unit (2017) as well. Do you recommend it? Black is good.

It depends on what kind of tire you are wearing.
Flat 65Is the thickest in the SimWorks lineup, but I think it's still the upper limit that can cover up to 55mm wide tires. Does your Kona Unit have thicker tires?

In addition, the Kona Unit is not a bike frame designed to accommodate fenders. That doesn't mean it's impossible at all, but it will require some skill and experience to customize your bike.

So, anyway, I recommend you to find a good bike shop and talk to them. If you can tell me what area you live in, I can recommend you to some good bike shops.

Thank you. There is a bike shop you can trust. I use 70mm wide tires and I'm sure they will solve it perfectly. From Germany


◆ I'm looking for a fender for Brompton. It's a fender made by Honjo Koken. Is it possible to purchase it at SimWorks?

It is a fender for Brompton, but unfortunately we do not have it in our lineup. In addition, we cannot accept custom orders. Please understand and sorry for the inconvenience.

Brompton has a complicated structure, and it is difficult to make it, the head office said. I hope it is still in stock somewhere and good luck finding it.


◆ I own a 27-inch sportif. Is there a 27-inch fender? Or is it compatible with other sizes?

The fenders manufactured by Honjo Koken, which we carry, have two diameters, 26 "/ 650B (R = 355mm) and 700C (R = 358mm). For 27", R is 365mm. I think it is necessary, but unfortunately it is not available.

The fender may be installed with some correction when installing, but I think that it is quite necessary to make a 27 ”bike for 700C. The difference in diameter is about 14 mm, but is this large or small? There are some parts that depend on that way of thinking. Please understand that there is basically no compatibility.


◆ I ordered a GIOS cross bike PURE FLAT (2015) and am waiting for delivery. Is it possible to install your fender SMOOT41? Also, is there anything you need other than the standard mounting bracket? (You can do the drilling by yourself.)

First, whether it can be installed. Regarding this question, even if the target is a bicycle, basically I have no choice but to answer "I do not know until I try it." That is because we cannot handle accurate information about the shapes and specifications of other companies products. If you contact Gios or the Fender maker Honjo Koken, you will probably get the same answer to this question.

It's just my expectation for reference, but I'm leaning toward that it can be installed.
As I confirmed in the photo, it also comes with the eyelets required to attach the stay, and if you can make holes properly, you can attach it with the stay and fasteners that come standard.
One thing to worry about is that the brakes seem to use Tektro's short arm V-brake, which can interfere with the fenders. I don't know until I put this on, but maybe the brakes need to be replaced.
In addition, detailed specifications often change without notice regardless of the size of the manufacturer, so there are still some parts that cannot be judged unless they match the actual product.

The most reliable thing is to bring the bike to a bicycle shop that is good at customizing such as fender installation and ask the mechanic to confirm whether it is possible or not. If they are a dealer of our products, you can place an order as it is, soCWD dealer near youI think it is also a good idea to search for and make an inquiry.


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