Selle AnatomicaRegarding the saddle, the seat rail is silver in your product introduction. The seat rail is black on the original HP. Does it differ depending on the production time and model? Or will it all be silver if you buy it at your company? I used to use the black one, but I am attracted to the silver rail and am considering purchasing it.

Currently, only black-finished rail saddles are sold and distributed by Ceraana Tomica.
Regarding the models we carry, we specially ask Selle Anatomica to manufacture all of them with chrome-plated rails as CDW's original planned products.


Selle AnatomicaI am thinking of purchasing. I weigh 68 kg and ride about 24 km every day, regardless of the weather, even in the rain every day. I'd like to ride a leather saddle, but is it difficult to care for? Please let us know if you have any recommendations.

First of all, regarding care, from Sera Ana TomicaDedicated care liquidIs on sale. By using this, you can protect the leather surface and give it luster and water resistance.

(The following is the answer before all the leather materials of the company's products became water resistant.)
Leather, like skin, is vulnerable to dryness. However, Japan has a humid climate even in the summer, so in reality it seems that care is not absolute. Rather than being essential, it may be better to say that if you use it for a long time, you will want to take care of it. Of course, it is true that it can extend the life of the saddle, improve the look, and above all, the care itself is fun.

Personally speaking, I have been using it since the beginning of 2007 when Selle Anatomica was founded, but basically I do not use care products. Still, I am rather satisfied with the gloss and texture over time.

There is only one point that I definitely want you to do. that is,"If the saddle gets wet due to rain, etc., be sure to turn the tension bolt all the way to loosen the leather before drying it later."is.
As with leather shoes and leather bags, basically avoid getting wet as much as possible. It loses its shape and stretches out, shortening its life as a saddle. If you pay attention only to this point, I think that it will be the best companion to support your butt. It's soft and easy.

Unlike ordinary leather saddles, the Selle Anatomica saddle not only supports the rider's hips, but also has the flexibility to move with the movement of the left and right hips. The presence of the slit (hole) in the center of the saddle, which is also the company's signature look, is the source of its suppleness, and its unique originality.


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