▼ Headset

◆ What is the difference between 2Nut and GripNut headsets?

The conventional general threaded headset is called 2Nut, and the other is called GripNut, which has a unique mechanism made by Chris King. For more information please refer Here


◆ I'm looking for a 1-1 / 4 inch headset, can I still get one?

Yes! Chris King continues to manufacture old standard items. Each small part can also be prepared.


◆ How do I use the plastic washers that come with my headset?

This washer Scuff Washer is what it's called. Chris King headsets are manufactured with a tolerance of ± 0.0001 mm, but wearing an inaccurate stem can cause noise and squeaks. A scuff washer can be installed between the bearing cap and the stem or column spacer to alleviate these problems.


◆ I would like to wear headsets with different colors on the top and bottom. Is it possible to order?

All Chris King headsets can be custom ordered. You can specify the color of the bearing cap and stem cap as well as the upper and lower bearing cups. Create your own special headset with your favorite combination of team colors, national flags, and more.


◆ Is it possible to convert from thread to ahead?

Headsets of all sizes use a common bearing cup, so you can even convert from 2 Nuts to NoThreadSet and vice versa by replacing the top set of parts.


◆ Is there a JIS standard headset for Chris King?

Unfortunately not. All Chris King 1-inch headsets are ITA / ISO standard.


▼ Bottom bracket

◆ Is it possible to replace bearings or upgrade to ceramic bearings?

Is possible. The replacement work is handled by the tech service department at the Chris King headquarters, so please contact us for details.


◆ What kind of grease should I use for BB?

Use grease or oil properly according to your riding style and usage conditions. See the Grease Guide for general suggestions. Also, use the same grease that is filled in the product at Chris King.Sim greaseIt is sold as.


◆ I am using an old BB ROAD with a Shimano crank. Is it possible to use BB Conversion Kit # 9 instead for a 24> 22mm crank such as for SRAM / GXP?

Yes. It is possible.BB Conversion Kit # 9 The spindle sleeve that comes with the is not usable due to its different thickness, but you can use the other accessory parts and the originally used spindle sleeve to attach the old BB to a 24> 22mm ROAD crank. 


▼ Hub

◆ Does the Chris King hub also support campers?

Previously, the R45 / R45 Disc hub had a model compatible with Campagnolo drivetrain, but now it is discontinued and there is no model compatible with Campagnolo.


◆ I am using an R45 Disc QR model. Can I convert it to a 12mm through axle?

You can easily convert both front and back by exchanging the axle. However, the corresponding axles differ depending on the production lot, so please refer to the details.HerePlease confirm.


◆ I would like to change the number of holes in the hub. Can I buy only the hub shell?

We also sell only the hub shell. A hub service kit is required for recombination.Chris King Hub Overhaul ServiceBut we are accepting work.


◆ What is a hub service kit? Do I need to buy?

Hub service kitIs a dedicated tool for removing and assembling all parts of the hub. Basic disassembly can be done only with an Allen key.


◆ Is it possible to assemble wheels with radial tyres?

R45 hubs are possible, but classic and ISO hubs are not compatible with radial sets.


◆ Is it okay to use the titanium quick release?

For best hub performance, we strongly recommend using steel quick releases. Titanium quick releases are not recommended as they do not provide sufficient rigidity.


◆ Is it possible to convert an ISO hub to a Lefty® hub?

Lefty conversion kitYou can easily convert by using. The corresponding hub is an ISO LD hub, but you need to know the serial number.


◆ There are low flange and high flange models for classic hubs. What is the difference?

A high flange with a higher flange has the feature that a wheel with stronger lateral rigidity can be assembled. This shape is often found in track event hubs where lateral force increases. The Classic High Flange Hub, also known as the Cross Classic Hub, is a hub originally developed for cyclocross, aiming for stable cornering performance due to its high lateral rigidity and durability against muddy water. Recently, as the number of highly rigid rims such as carbon rims has increased, low flange hubs have become the mainstream to reduce the weight of hubs.

 * Classic hub has been discontinued in 2018. As the manufacturer's stock is limited, please see for details.Contact UsPlease give me.


◆ Do I have to use a Chris King lock ring for Shimano cassette sprockets?

Chris King's Rock RingCompared to a general lock ring, the thread part is designed to be longer, the sprocket can be fixed more securely, and the risk of the cassette sprocket biting into the free body is reduced, so the lock ring made by Chris King We recommend using it. It is also lighter than Shimano products.


Is Chris King's ISO rear hub compatible with 11 speed drivetrains?

Equipped with our aluminum or stainless steel standard driveshell, the ISO rear hub is compatible with 11 speed Shimano mountain drivetrains and with slam XX1, XO1, X1 and GX11 speeds with an XD driver. .. This hub is not compatible with 11 speed Shimano / SRAM road type cassettes.


◆ What is ISO B?

ISO B is a hub set option commonly known as "boost". At this point, it's the 110 x 15mm thru-axle front hub and the 148 x 12mm thru-axle rear hub. These hubs can match any of our mountain wheel sets and can be used for rear only or front only.


◆ How fast is Chris King's R45 Shimano / SRAM type drive shell compatible?

Our R45 and R45D Road Shimano / SRAM type drive shells are 11 speed drive shells. It also comes with spacers for compatible 10th, 9th and 8th gears.


◆ Is it possible to use a rotor lock ring for center lock other than Shimano?

In principle, please use genuine Shimano lock rings. If you use a third-party lock ring and a problem occurs, it will not be covered by the warranty.


◆ Is it possible to purchase a limited-color hub that was released in the past?

For more information contact Thank you.



▼ Wheel set

◆ How long is the delivery time of the wheelset?

It takes a minimum of two weeks from the time you place an order to the time it arrives at your door. Even if the manufacturer is out of stock, delivery will be completed in about 4 weeks. (* 2018 statistics)


◆ Can I order a single speed wheelset?

Currently, we do not offer wheel sets that use single-speed hubs.


◆ Is it possible to choose the color of the spokes?

Only black is available. Each wheelset is built using Sapim CX-Ray or Sapim Race spokes. Nipple is selectable.


◆ Does the wheelset come with a warranty?

We also know from experience that when we enjoy cycling, we may be unfortunately injured in a bike crash or accident. If that happens, we can easily get back on the bike again,Crash replacement programIs prepared. For more informationHerePlease confirm.


◆ Can I buy other Chris King parts with the wheel set?

Soft goods and small partsChris King Web StorePlease purchase at. Headsets, bottom brackets, hubs, etc. near youChris King Dealer StoreWe recommend purchasing at.


◆ Does the Chris King wheel include a cassette lock ring?

Only the R45 hub Campagnolo model has a dedicated lock ringAttachedTo do. You can choose for 11T or 12T. The Shimano / SRAM model does not come with a lock ring, so please purchase it separately.


◆ Does the Chris King wheel come with a quick release skewer?

No. Skewer is not included.


◆ Can I change the color of the ENVE wheel set decals?

The decal color is only the standard color black. Decals in other colors are not available. Please contact the manufacturer directly.

The Stan's NoTubes wheelset has a choice of decal colors. 


▼ Products in general

◆ Is there a product warranty?

The headset comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, and the hub and bottom brackets come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


◆ Are ceramic bearings good after all?

Ceramic bearings are harder, more resistant to corrosion, and have better wear resistance than stainless steel bearings. In addition, since the thermal conductivity is low and the thermal expansion of the bearing ball due to rotation is extremely small, there is an advantage that high rotation performance can be exhibited with a small amount of lubricating oil. The neck is that the material itself is very expensive. Consider ceramic bearings as an upgrade.

A major feature of Chris King bearings, whether stainless or ceramic, is that they are designed to allow users to access and maintain the bearings themselves. Unlike shield bearings, they are not replaced immediately when they reach the end of their service life. Please be assured that SimWorks has an after-sales support system in place so that users can use high-quality Chris King products for a long time.


Feel free to ask any questions or doubts about Chris King productsContact UsPlease give me.



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