In a small garage in Eugene, Oregon, in 1992 by the Alan Schortz and Hands Schortz brothers. BIKE FRIDAYWas born.

Bike Friday is the character that appears in The Life and Strange Surrogate, a lovable best friend and a talented companion, inspired by Man FRIDAY.

It has the meaning of "the best partner that adventurers traveling around the world must have." Such Bike Friday celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.

As the head badge shows, the biggest feature of the bicycle created by the brand BIKE FRIDAY isJourney

And most of the bikes they produce are bikes that can be folded and stowed in a suitcase and taken with you anywhere in the world.


All the materials used for the frame of Bike Friday are chromoly steel.

The reason why this chromoly material is actively adopted is that Bike Friday is a bicycle that travels the world.

Bike frames manufactured using chromoly tubing (as many of you know) absorb the vibrations from the road surface moderately when driving, so you will not get tired even on long distance rides, and at the end You will enjoy the ride until the end of the race, but in addition, due to the nature of this Bike Friday, it is very important to fold it repeatedly and use it, so it is also chromoly in the sense that it has as high durability as possible. The material is the most suitable, and in the worst case, even if it breaks on the road, chromoly can be cured by welding locally.

And from the beginning of Bike Friday to the present, the entire process of frame production from welding to painting is carried out by craftsmen one by one at our own factory in Eugene, Oregon, USA.


Most models are made after receiving an order based on the number of the rider's physique. Yes Bike FridayHandmade custom folding frameIt is. And it is also an important point to tell everyone that even if it breaks, you can receive as much repair warranty as possible. 

Can be used foreverIt may be just the opposite of the lifestyle that has become so commonplace in recent years that we constantly buy new ones, but the number one value we Circles believe in is this.Can be used forever, I think it is summarized in this word.


The folding function of the frame is basically one-touch with a quick lever.

Depending on the model, the handles and saddles that get in the way during normal wheeling may be removable or foldable, and each model is designed with consideration for driving performance, usage, and storage efficiency.
The first folding part that many folding bikes break.
It is clear from the making of this part that Bike Friday is premised on manufacturing that loves bicycles and can be used for a long time.
Where is the force applied when riding a bicycle?
What kind of folding method is easy to use?
What materials are longer lasting and more reasonable?
The answer wouldn't come out overnight.
However, I think that the result of pursuing it is the reason why it has become a bicycle that is loved in the world.
You can't talk about the folding part alone.



If you have read this far and are interested in Bike Friday, please feel free to visit Circles first. So please tell us what kind of use you want to ride.

What kind of place do you want to go to? How do you ride? Let's talk about all kinds of life. Which model would you like to use? What about parts assembly? I will decide such things. The color is your choice. It's the most exciting time in the process of buying a bicycle, isn't it?

Finally, measure your height, limb length, etc. and place an order on Bike Friday to fit your body shape. And the completed bicycle with a delivery time of about 3 months will reach Circles across the sea. We will carefully assemble them one by one and set out for you.

Through these series of steps, one unit that suits each person's lifestyle is created. Only Bike Friday can do this with a small-wheel bike and a foldable bike.

There is no doubt that BIKE FRIDAY will be an ally to make traveling with your bike closer and easier.


We, Circles, have carefully selected 4 favorite models and introduced them below.

[New World Tourist]

¥ 275,000 (reference retail price, tax excluded)

* The price in the assembly shown in the above picture. Prices will vary depending on the components and colors installed.


The most popular model in the Bike Friday lineup. A perfect one for those who want to travel around the world with a pannier bag on their carrier.

Not only the selection of external shiftingGates CARBON DRIVEYou can also select a combination of belt drive and internal shifting. If you want to run quietly because you don't want to do unnecessary maintenance while traveling and want to hear various sounds produced by nature, this option is also available.

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[Pocket Rocket]

¥ 275,000 (reference retail price, tax excluded)

* The price in the assembly shown in the above picture. Prices will vary depending on the components and colors installed.

The road model with the strongest sports color in the lineup. It is also lighter in weight than other models and is suitable for light touring. How about for people who want to attack the pass they found while traveling.

Even with this pocket rocket, you can choose a combination of belt drive and internal shifting. 

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¥ 275,000 (reference retail price, tax excluded)

* The price in the assembly shown in the above picture. Prices will vary depending on the components and colors installed.

PakiT's goal is to add convenience to everyday life and personal freedom, to add fun on the road, to promote commuting to work and school on a bicycle, and to explore stronger connections with the world around us. It means that it will be a folding bike that can be used. It's a very compact bike that not only folds, but also fits you and can be carried anywhere.

This pack is basically a front single, but you can also choose a combination of belt drive + internal shifting. 

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¥ 225,000 (reference retail price, tax excluded)

* The price in the assembly shown in the above picture. Prices will vary depending on the components and colors installed.

Bike Friday's long tail cargo bike. This model is the only model that does not have a folding mechanism, but the handle, frame, and carrier can all be removed and disassembled with a hex wrench, and can be quickly stored in a cardboard box.

Like the pocket companion, this model is also equipped with a frame adjustment mechanism, and people with a height of 120 cm to 200 cm can share one. With this one, my dad can send my child to kindergarten in the morning and my mom can pick me up in the evening.

Maximum load capacity 90 kg. If you have this one, you can do anything from business to moving. It would be nice to see such a scene here in Nagoya as well.

Last but not least, the pocket companion weighs 91 kg, and the other three models can ride up to 100 kg. For those who want to travel the world by bicycle, it would be sad if there was a weight limit.

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A bicycle for those who travel the worldIt's exciting just to imagine that you can ride your own car in a land you don't know. 

From travel companions to everyday companions, we believe that Bike Friday will be your best partner in your rich bike life.

People are not the only partners in life. Why don't you leave Circles to help you find your partner?


Also, for those who are impatient and can't wait, there is also a stock model available from Circles. However, since it is a custom frame maker, please be careful when choosing the size!

Of course, we will be happy to discuss sizes, etc., so please feel free to contact us anytime!