This page guides you to the custom order options on the BIKE FRIDAY Build to Order page.

Frame Colors

From the beginning of Bike Friday to the present, the entire process of frame production from welding to painting is carried out by craftsmen one by one at our own factory in Eugene, Oregon, USA.
In addition to the standard 4 standard colors, there are several upgrade colors.
HereYou can simulate the frame and wire color from (color module in the link), so please try the color combination you care about.

Bar Tape

Supports long rides without damaging your handsMSW EVABar tape.
A bar tape that stretches well, is easy to rewind, and is easy to use.

If you have a bar tape of your choice, you can change it. Please contact us.
Bar tape list


Normal: Normal / narrow type is recommended for those who want to take a deep forward leaning posture and put emphasis on running.

Wide: Image of waking up and running slowly. This is recommended for women who have a wider pelvis than men.

If you would like to use a saddle that you have already used, please check "No saddle required".

Name Plate

It is a service to put a name or nickname on an anodized aluminum plate.
You can put any word under "CUSTOM BUILT FOR".


Hinge Forward

The bottom bracket shell and front derailleur pedestal are welded to part of the rear end. With this mechanism, the bicycle can be folded without changing the chain tension, and the chain will not fall when folded and unfolded.


Riding Position

→ Uprising position where the handlebar is 2.5cm-7.5cm higher than the height of the saddle

→ Position where the height of the saddle and the height of the handlebar are almost the same

Skilled Touring/Sport
→ Position where the handlebar leans forward more than 2.5cm-7.5cm lower than the height of the saddle

→ More aggressive forward leaning position


Regarding weight

The Pocket Rocket rider weight limit is 100 kg. The heavy weight upgrade allows it to be used by people up to 118 kg. Also, the Pocket Rocket Pro has a rider weight of 86 kg. There is no heavy weight upgrade setting. be careful.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.InquiriesPlease let me.