Let's keep it simple. We like it that way.

Astral Cycling is a group of down-to-earth cyclists who are willing to work hard to create the best wheels and bikes. They chose Oregon because of their love of the land and their passion for dedicating their careers to the love of cycling.

For nearly 25 years, Astral has nurtured and refined their "brother" brand, Rolf Prima. This includes the production of alloy rims in its own factory in Oregon, a system that includes complete control over design and quality. With this long and valuable experience, solid track record, and production know-how, Astral Cycling was founded.

The goal is very simple: to use the knowledge and experience we have accumulated to provide a wide range of cyclists with fast, fun, and fresh wheels and components at a fair price, without sacrificing durability.

Since 2017, that goal has been steadily achieved and has grown into one of the most respected and trusted brands in the industry. Astral continues to work with top-notch frame builders, artists, and bicycle engineers to bring new products and projects to the riders and rides we love.

Now that we have officially merged with "White Industries," a long-time collaborator and "accomplice" from Rolf Prima, our passion for manufacturing and creating has been rekindled and will provide great progress and new adventures in the future.


Delta Rim Technology
Astral™ road rims utilize Delta Rim Technology, developed by Rolf Prima to optimize rim geometry and improve airflow and stability. In skydiving, the delta track is considered the fastest position to increase forward speed, and Delta Rim Technology is a special idea that increases rim width over typical ones and adjusts sidewall shape. Delta Rim Technology is more than just a high-speed profile; it also improves cornering performance through additional tire support. The sidewall-to-nose profile minimizes wind turbulence, allowing for faster speeds and better handling in all riding conditions.

Tubeless Technology
Over the past decade, tubeless has been hailed as the trend of the future, when in fact it is an ongoing trend. If you haven't tried tubeless yet, you should give it a try, and at Astral, we are committed to tubeless compatibility. That is why all rim profiles are optimized for tubeless. They feature a deep center channel or "drop channel" to support tire mounting and tubeless tire performance, and the bead seat diameter is also adjusted for ease of inflation and secure mounting.

Proprietary Manufacturing Tools
Creating accurate, high-quality machines and tools for rim manufacturing and wheel assembly in-house was a process of trial and error. The engineering team is constantly working on new tools and methods to maximize the quality of our rims. Sometimes it is necessary to dismantle specialized machines to find defects, but more often it is a matter of creating their own manufacturing tools, all of which are an essential part of the process to improve quality. We encourage you to watch our rim production video to see what it takes to produce alloy rims.