WTB Raddler


Size Size: 700 x 40c
Color: Tan Wall

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Raddler is a small knob that has a good reputation for gravel riding. By arranging the side knobs at a wider distance than the riddler, the cornering traction on gentle slopes and wet conditions is enhanced and more. It will perform well on dirt and trail rides.

* Since it is TCS specification, it can be tubeless by using a sealant.

Wheel Size: 700c
Width: 40c | 44c
490g (40c) | 514g (44c)
Level: TCS Light / Fast (tanwall)
Compound: Compound: Dual Compound DNA Rubber
Single-ply 60 tpi
Bead: TCS Aramid
Conditions: Conditions:

Dirt / Gravel / Loose / Wet

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