HITE RITE Seat Post Clamp For Saddle Dropper

Size Size: 29.6

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The dropper post is now becoming an integral part of MTB and gravel bikes, but in the olden days, this small part was devised by great cyclist, frame builder and product designer Joe Breeze. It was the source of the dropper post.

If you do it easily, you can easily adjust the height of the saddle while riding a bicycle by attaching it to the seat post and quick release of the seat, and the road is in the saddle position where it is easy to pedal when climbing. It's an era where you can lower the saddle to give a sense of stability when you go down, and now you can do it at hand, but more than 30 years ago, you can already do a series of movements while riding a bicycle, almost the same as now. The item was being created.

That said, it's a bit unfashionable to use it for current MTBs, so if you have an old MTB or cross bike, why not give it a try? Circles-like recommendations are perfect for commuter cyclists and bikers who want to wait at the traffic lights with their feet on the ground.

It is a seat post clamp for attaching HI-RITE to a 28.2 to 32.0 mm seat post.

Made in U.S.A



Material: Stainless
Size: 29.6mm, 31.6mm

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