CHRIS KING GripNut 1-1 / 8 "


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Color: Black

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Chris King manufactures two types of threaded headsets. One is a conventional general threaded headset“2Nut”, And the other has a unique mechanism of Chris King“GripNut”

The two threaded headsets look exactly the same, but the upper one has a different mechanism. Which one to chooseInstall a head spacer or cable hanger,Please consider the length of the fork column and these two points when choosing.

* GripNut

GripNut is the best choice if you don't need spacers or cable hangers. Chris King's unique adjusting ring and lock nut are integrated, and the internal thread collet firmly clamps the fork column. It can make the appearance look smart, and features stronger holding power and easier adjustment than 2Nut. 2Nut is also effective as a countermeasure when the fork column is too short to install... For installationThe fork column should protrude 11-14 mm above the top bearing cup

There are two types of logos.

・ Sotto Voce (same color as body)
・ BOLD (white)
* Silver is Sotto Voce only

Size: 1-1 / 8 "GripNut Threaded Headsets

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