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Drop set 4 42mm / 42mm

S.H.I.S.Upper: IS 42/28 45° x 45°
 Lower: IS 42/30 45° x 45°

Chris King is Chris King's first integrated headset based on know-how that has manufactured high quality headsets with high-performance bearings that have been particular about in-house production for over 40 years. DropSet™ Announced.

This project was designed from the ground up, starting with tests that analyze the in-use forces of integrated headsets and press-fit headsets and discover the unique problems that need to be addressed.

The most demanding challenge to overcome is that the integrated headset sits on the frame without press fitting. If the bearing is not set properly, the bearing will move and preload will be lost rapidly. As the preload decreases, the load on the bearing increases, leading to damage and failure.

So Chris King's unique GripLock™ This is where the system comes into play. After years of trial and error by Chris King, this system has a patented design that locks the fork steerer with its own system. This GripLock™ system guarantees that DropSet™ maintains a much better preload than its competitors and won't be impacted by any road surface or the bearing will be adversely affected by sudden braking.

More notably, DropSet™ offers a choice of steel and ceramic bearings. This is the first Chris King headset Ceramic bearing headset Will be released. Ceramic bearings offer superior wear and rolling performance and are more durable than traditional in-house manufactured steel bearings, reducing the need for maintenance and extending headset life.

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