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Roll top backpack created by a former messenger

ZODIACIs a handmade bag brand created by Trevor Beans, a former messenger belonging to the San Francisco messenger community.

In 2014, when he was a messenger in San Francisco at the time, he received a revelation from God saying, "Learn the technology and create something that only you can make!"

Many of the products he makes are based on the messenger bags and backpacks that existed until then, and while paying respect to them, they are full of originality packed with original ideas.

And they're robust enough to withstand rainy, windy, and snowy days for messengers running around the city.


New classic messenger style

Roll-top style backpacks are very convenient for putting things in and out. In addition, the simple cube shape makes it easy to store various things not only in messenger work but also in daily life, and it is possible to carry them safely.

The shape is also useful in the food delivery business, which has increased in recent years.It has become a new classic style of messenger.

Its shape is very simple with a strap attached to the cube, but there are some notable points in the detailed specifications.


Pocket with excellent storage capacity

Two deep and large side pockets can store various things, and the product can be used with confidence without overflowing.

The wide front pocket of the gusset can store a lot of belongings. In addition, there are several partitions inside so that small items can be stored separately. Since the flap has a three-dimensional shape, it is difficult for rain to enter inside.


Shoulder strap for comfort

The shoulder straps are solid and thick so that you can comfortably carry them on your back even when you store a lot of luggage.

In addition, the adjustment strap found in mountaineering backpacks is arranged on the upper attachment part of the shoulder strap. This makes it possible to obtain a comfortable fit according to the body shape of the user and the weight of the back.
(This adjustment strap is not used for the XS size.)


Strap that combines suppleness and fixing force

The strap that fixes the roll top part uses two types of nylon straps sewn together in order to achieve both flexibility that is easy to adjust and firm fixing force.


Convenient strap system

With an external buckle and the included strap, you can carry large loads that cannot be stored in the bag.

There are 4 sizes from XS to L in the lineup.

The fabric is made from 1000 denier cordura nylon and 18 ounces of tarpaulin, which has a reputation for durability.



Outer fabric: 1000D 100% nylon
Lining: 18oz 100% tarpaulin
Strap: 100% polyester
Size: XS, S, M, L
Included: Multi-strap, buckle
Made in the USA




  XS S M L

Body size
(Width x Height x Depth cm)

33 x 35.5-63.5 x 17.8 35.5 x 35.5-63.5 x 20.3 38 x 38-71 x 23 40.5 x 38-71 x 25.4

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