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The Yotsuba Cycle Picnic Series is the world's first kids cargo bike with a long tail style.

While maintaining the lightweight body that is characteristic of the Yotsuba cycle, the rear carrier, front and rear full fenders, and center stand that are convenient for everyday use are standard equipment.
We have adopted thick semi-slick tires that have high cushioning properties and are suitable for asphalt use.
It's the perfect bike to cycle to a nearby park like a picnic.

①:Lightweight design
 "Lightness" is one of the most important performances for weak children in the process of growth.
 Even the same 1kg feels many times heavier for children.
 A lightweight aluminum frame that even children can easily handle makes bicycles fun!

②:Overwhelming loading capacity
 Equipped with a sturdy rear carrier, you can easily carry heavy luggage.
 As the name suggests, you can go on a picnic or carry your luggage on an adventure!

③:OK for everyday use
 A mudguard and a stand are standard equipment, so you can enjoy everything from everyday use to adventure.
 Guards mud splashing from tires. You don't have to worry about your clothes getting dirty.
 With the stand, you can stop and miss small discoveries of your child during the adventure.

④:Powerful brake
 If you can't stop when you think you're scared, you'll hate bicycles.
 The Yotsuba Cycle uses a thin grip that is easy to grip even with small hands.
 In addition, a child-only lever that can be pulled easily with little force and a V-blur that exerts a powerful braking force
 Equipped with a key, it gives a sense of security that even a child's grip strength can be stopped firmly.

⑤:Optimal size
 For bicycles, just because your feet do not touch the ground or you cannot grasp the steering wheel firmly
 I'm afraid. In the Yotsuba cycle, the saddle position can be lowered further.
 Designed to lower the position of the up tube. The handle grip is perfect for children with small hands
 We have adopted a thinner one (23.5mm in diameter) than a general bicycle so that you can grip it.
 Also, select a crank with a length that matches the target height for each bicycle size.

Wheel size    20″
Target height guide     128-145 cm
weight         11.0kg (including pedals)
Color        Pistachio (ivory)
accessories        Pedal, reflector, bell

Appropriate size that Yotsuba cycle thinks

At Yotsuba Cycle, with a view to off-road driving with poor footing,Your child's feet will rest firmly on the ground when the saddle is at its lowest position.We recommend the one as the proper size. So not just age and heightActually measure the inseam length of a childPlease select a model from the size chart below where the height of the saddle is smaller than the inseam length of your child.


Size chart

size Target age (approximate) Target height (approximate) The saddle is in the lowest position Saddle height adjustment width Seatpost length Weight (with pedals)
16" 4-6 years old 102 ~ 118cm 46 cm About 12 cm 26.0cm 10.4kg
18" 5-8 years old 110 ~ 132cm 50cm About 14 cm 27.8cm 10.7kg
20" 6-9 years old 128 ~ 145cm 53cm About 14 cm 27.8cm 11.0kg

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