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A side stand exclusively for the Yotsuba cycle that uses an adjust type that can be used for various sizes with one. By adopting a screw-fastening structure that can be securely fixed, it completely prevents "misalignment" when a load is applied, which is a weak point of the adjustment type, and firmly supports the Yotsuba cycle from your feet. In addition, a scale that shows the wheel size at a glance is described at the hole position.

● Two sizes are available to match the wheel size.
 S (short) 14 ″ -18 ″ compatible
 L (long) 20 ″ -26 ″ compatible
 * Not available for "12".

weight 220g (S), 240g (L)
Wheel size (S) 14-18 inches, (L) 20-26 inches

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