WTB Trail Blazer

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SIZE: 27.5x2.8 "
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WTB is a manufacturer that has earned the deep trust of mountain bikers who started in California (Marine County) in the United States in 1982.

The 27.5+ TRAIL BLAZER can be mounted on an existing 29 "frame for a unique ride on fat tires. The center knob has low rolling resistance and the side knobs provide a good grip. TCS Tubeless SlimSCRAPERYou can get the maximum power by using it together with tubeless.

・ USAGE: Big Kid Shreddin'/ Plus Sized Grinnin'
・ CONDITIONS: Dry to Damp / Sand to Loam
・ Size: 27.5x2.8 "
・ Weight: 980g
・ Level: TCS Light (Fast Rolling)
・ Compound: Dual DNA
・ Lighweight Casing
・ Bead: TCS

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