WTB Riddler 45 Tan


Size Size: 700 x 45c
Color: Tan Wall

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Riddler 45 is variousIt is the best gravel tire that brings comfort from its air volume in long distance rides including gravel without slowing down as much as possible in conditions.

The riddler itself was originally born as a tire for mountain bikes, but with this renewal it has been transformed into a gravel tire, and its large side knob gives a sense of security when cornering, and it is low and fine placed in the center. Knobs are also suitable for long rides and touring, including gravel, by reducing friction on paved roads. 

* It is recommended that the rim has an outer width of about 28 mm.
* Since it is TCS specification, it can be tubeless by using a sealant.

Wheel Size: 700c
Width: 45c
Weight: 700c: 560g
Level: TCS Light / Fast
Compound: Compound: Dual Compound DNA Rubber
Casing: FastRolling
Bead: TCS Aramid
Conditions: Conditions:
Pavement, Hardpack, Dirt, Gravel

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