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WTB was established in 1982.
Although there were few manufacturers making MTB parts at that time, many of their parts with a unique atmosphere are highly durable and easy to use, and are loved not only by many cyclists in California, where WTB is based, but also by many handmade builders on the West Coast.

WTB's saddles have now undergone a major renewal, and while the shape of the existing models remains the same, the rugged atmosphere of the past has been peeled back to give them a cooler look.

This High Tail Pro has a unique R shape at the rear end that prevents the saddle from touching the tire even when the full suspension bike is fully bottomed out.
The sleek and clean form is easy to match with road and CX bikes as well as full suspension bikes.

Color: Black
・Applications: Endulo, All mountain, Road, Suitable for 27.5 full suspension bike
Rail: Chromoly
Size: 128 x 255mm
Weight: 225g

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