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WTB is a manufacturer that has earned the deep trust of mountain bikers who started in California (Marine County) in the United States in 1982.

Volume, speed, and suppleness. The center tread of the cross boss tires provides smooth and nimble acceleration, and the raised side knobs are useful in fallen leaves and soiled sections. With a round, large volume cross-section, especially in tubeless specifications, it has a wide range of air pressure adjustments, combined with the effects of dual DNA compounds and side channels, to bring a rider's smile on every turn.

We specialize in the range from dry to wetlands, from clicks to viscosity, and from single tracks to circuits, leave it to the cross boss.

size weight compound bead casing
700 × 35c  400g Fast Rolling TCS Light Weight
  • Use
  • Cyclocross, gravel
  • condition
  • Dry to Damp, Hard pack to Loam
  • technology
  • Center tread, Open side knobs, Rounded high volume profile

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