WTB Convict 2.5

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SIZE: 27.5x2.5
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WTB was founded in 1982 in Marine, California as a manufacturer of durable and reliable mountain bike components. Mountain biking at the time was a very new and fast-growing sport, and mountain biking was full of ideas. Many manufacturers have been born and disappeared, but the durability and reliability they seek most remains unchanged even after 30 years, and it continues to exist as a commitment.

This Victor is available in 2.5 inches as the most durable downhill tires manufactured by WTB for mountain bikes, trail bosses and breakouts.

size weight compound bead casing
27.5 ”x 2.5 Tough 1239g High Grip TCS Enduro
  • Use
  • Downhill, enduro
  • condition
  • Dry to Damp, Loose, Hardpack, Rocky, Loam
  • technology
  • Siped and chipped mud spikes, Pyramid architecture and a wide-open block footprint

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