WTB Bridger


SIZE: 27.5 x 3.0 "
¥8,041 ¥9,460

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All-round 27.5+ tires that WTB will send out with full satisfaction!


The zero-based redesigned square knob pattern was more of a basic and all-round shape than it was fashionable, as a result of various deformation patterns being tried. The square knobs on the middle pitch ensure grip on any road or weather, from asphalt to gravel to trails, and the side knobs protect your tires. It can be used in any field such as long touring, bike packing, XC, and enduro. The 27.5+, which matches the 29er bike and has better rolling than the fat bike, is likely to become the standard for rough road driving in the future.

Wheel Size: 27.5 "
Width: 3.0 "
Weight: 1207g
Level: TCS Light (fast rolling)
Compound: Dual DNA
Casing: Lightweight
Bead: TCS

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