WELLDONE 30L Chipas Bag


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Touring, hiking, everyday use
Multivac ideal for various activities

A garage maker proud of Nagoya, where users are growing not only in cycling but also in outdoor activities such as hiking and running. Welldone 。

This Chips Bag 30L can be accessed from two places, the upper roll top and the waterproof zipper located in the center.
And the place that uses the lightweight and durable Hybrid Cuben Fiber material is also So Cool !!
My favorite is the place where the best type shoulder harness is adopted in consideration of the hold feeling.
It is ideal for putting things you want to take out immediately, such as mobile phones and point-and-shoots, and it is easy to check what is put in even when viewed from the outside with mesh material.

Size: 30L
Material: Hybrid Cuben Fiber
Weight: 466g

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