VELO SPICA Mod.F.U.B. Cap Cool Max®️

Color: Col.Blue Stripe

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Flip Up B Cap “COOLMAX®︎ Seerscker”
(Coolmax Shear Soccer)

Two new colors of "Sheer Soccer", a cool fabric that represents American Trad, have been added to the Flip Up B Cap series, which allows you to flip up and down the brim smoothly with your fingertips. What is more remarkable is that INVISTA's COOLMAX®︎ is used for this sheer soccer fabric. (As of May 2020, the trademark has been transferred to Lycra Company) It is a cap that has both a traditional look and the necessary and sufficient performance for active scenes.

In addition, the visor that can be flipped up and down (jumped up and down) is made as long as 6.8 mm, so it firmly protects the eyes from the sun.
If this visor is very convenient and the sun is strong during the ride, lowering the visor will protect your view from the sun. When there is no need to block it due to shade, etc., you can open the field of view by raising the visor. An easy-to-use visor that responds flexibly to the conditions of the road on which you are driving. Of course, it is very useful not only for bicycles but also for various situations.

In addition, the adjuster buckle on the back uses a buckle with a firmer hold, so you can get enough tension even when the wind is strong. In addition, it is designed to be easier to use in everyday life.

Material: Cap body / brim 70% cotton 30% polyester (COOLMAX®︎)
Sweat band 100% polyester (COOLMAX®)
Size: Free (≒ 55-61 cm)
Price: ¥ 6,000 (+ tax)

* We recommend hand-washing with a neutral detergent.

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