TWOFISH Bike Block Pump Holder



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An accessory manufacturer born in California, USA, it is a rare brand of "mounting specialty" that handles adapters that can attach various accessories to motorcycles.

TWOFISH's Bike Block securely secures the frame pump and inflator to the bike frame without the need for tools or additional equipment. Simply attach the Bike Block to the bicycle frame with the Velcro strap to secure the simple pump, and you can hold it safely while riding.

Bike Blocks are particularly shock-resistant, so it's extremely rare to open the pump when you're hit from below while riding.

You can also remove the Velcro individually so you can attach it to any bike whenever you need it.

・ Impact resistance and light weight

・ Holds the bicycle pump firmly on the bicycle frame even when driving on rugged terrain.

-It is possible to hold various cylindrical accessories for motorcycles, and it can be attached to multiple points on various bicycles.

・ Made in the USA

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