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Twin six started by two designers who love bicycles.

Always believing to be an alternate, its sometimes radical design has a unique appeal, specializing in features and sponsor logos.

In the home country, bottles with the design of the metal series, which is expected to be released every year, are in stock. Despite the chaos of the corona, we have redesigned our metal collection this year, hoping that the new year will be a good one for you. If you can make someone smile when they bounce or pass each other on the trail, this new metal collection has done its job.

Whether you're a hardcore racer, a weekend rider, a casual commuter, or a hard-working Zwifter, Twin Six is a year in which you'll reach your goals and make 2021 a memorable year in a good way. I am designing it with the hope of supporting it in the shade.

-Uses Specialized Made in USA "Purist" bottles.
-The new easy-to-use mouthpiece is popular with riders.
・ There is little odor peculiar to plastic containers, and the water is delicious.
・ 22oz --624ml

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