TEAM DREAM BICYCLING TEAM Dream Heather Supreme Socks

Color: Brown Heather
Size Size: S
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Ride through the dirt in the crisp, dry air of Los Angeles, like rolling up dust. 

In the morning, before work or before the sun goes down, I quickly finish my work and pedal to the peak of the pass overlooking the city. Mount Lee, famous for the Hollywood sign, can be easily accessed by riding, and if you can enjoy on-road riding, there are good dirt roads here and there, and if you go a little further, there are trails. A city with many cyclists who enjoy a ride called life with a bicycle with free ideas.

Based in Los AngelesTeam Dream Bicycling Team / Team Dream Bicycling Team.. The creator, Sean Talkington, worked at LA's famous store ORANGE20 when he was young, with LA's current store Golden Saddle Cycley and owner Kyle Kelly of Golden Saddle Cycly. Is a former colleague. Big cat lovers love it, and the trademark of Team Dream is the motif of Bobcat, who lives in North America. 

Originally, I used to make jerseys for my close friends and sell products on old Wagenbus, but now I can send them to the world from the website and shop in the city of Pasadena in Los Angeles. With the passion to enjoy cycling purely, we continue to convey the world view. 

A wide variety of products such as jerseys, socks, bottles and T-shirts are all reliable products made in the United States, mainly in Los Angeles. There's a strong desire to have the pleasure of putting your sleeves through a new jersey, as well as the joy of riding, and the excitement of picking up even a pair of socks. To do.

Team Dream Bicycling Team has made collaboration caps with Team Dream / Golden Saddle Cyclery and also made original products with Radivist.
The owner, Sean Talkington, has a close relationship with Kyle of the Golden Saddle Cyclery of Los Angels, and although it was a small brand at first, it is gradually becoming known to people, mainly in Los Angeles, in cooperation with friends who are close friends with him. It's a brand.
While communicating and sharing the joy of riding a bicycle, we are particular about producing in the United States and produce products that are unique to them every day.

・ Made in USA
Small = --US7 (Mens) / 25cm or less
Medium = US7 --9 (Mens) / 25 --27cm
Large = US9 --11 (Mens) / 27 --29cm

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