SYKES Bobtail Fenders

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Color: White Oak
Size Size: 1.5"
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Sykes Wood Fenders is a manufacturer of handmade wooden fenders in Portland, Oregon, which is now a global bike town.

The owner, Paul Sykes, who is a woodworker of furniture, was commercialized after the wooden fender made for his wife's bicycle became popular. Wood materials have always been a good match for bicycles. Sykes Wood Fender is a functional product that can be used for a long time regardless of the hot and humid climate of Japan.

Bicycles are a mass of industrial products, and tend to be completely inorganic, so inevitably there will be more and more people seeking the warmth of handmade bicycles. In the meantime, try using Sykes Wood Fender, which is full of manual work and the warmth of wood. Your bike life will be a little richer again.

The product should be light, functional, and highly complete.

This Sykes Bobtail fender is a handmade simple wooden fender for the rear that is shaped by the same technology as the full fender.

By carefully processing and finishing wood with various colors and textures, styling without compromise is possible even on rainy days.

Size: Size: 18 "x 1-1 / 2"
18 "x 2"

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