SURLY Knard 41

SIZE: 650Bx41

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SURLY, the world's first mass-marketer of a new platform called 29+, first sold a memorable tire. At the beginning of development, we aimed for a tire with 29-inch wheels that gives you the traction and floating feeling of a fat bike.

It is equipped with SURLY's RABBIT HOLE 50mm wide rim, which was released at the same time, and is designed to best match the KRAMPUS frame. Since the 29-inch size was well received, the 26-inch, 700c, and 650b sizes with optimized patterns and compounds based on the same concept have joined the group.

It runs lightly on both dirt and asphalt, is easy to handle without any habit, and has a mild ride, so it is widely used as a SURLY-like tire.

[Tire Spec]

・ ISO Width 
74mm (29 ”x3”)
94mm (26 ”x3.8”)
41mm (700cx41)
43mm (650bx41)

・ ISO Diameter 
622/29 ”road (29” x3 ”)
559/26 ”mtb (26” x3.8 ”)
622/29 ”road (700cx41)
584 / 27.5 ”(650bx41)

・ Tire Bead 
Steel or Folding

・ Recommended rim width 
50mm (29 ”)
50-100mm (26 ”)
23-30mm (700c)
23-30mm (650b)

・ Weight 
1.2kg (wire / 29 ”)
800g (folding / 29 ”)
1.4kg (folding / 26 ”)
650g (wire / 700c)
465g (folding / 700c)

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