SURLY Disc Trucker Circles Original Complete Bike


size: 52cm
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A special complete that incorporates a motorcycle that is good at long trips into how to use it in urban areas.


Born 18 years ago in Minneapolis, USA through trial and error SURLY / Surly

For young cyclists who are only interested in cyclists, for those who love cyclists and those who do not know cyclists at all, the purpose is to be wise, healthy, correct, and above all, not to waste anything. ,StingyAdmitting that they are, there their ownExperience pointI will add as much as I can.

The resulting bike is rugged enough to last a long time, and can be fitted with as thick tires as possible, as well as a carrier or fender, for example when compared to bikes of similar genres. It is a very nostalgic bike that can be attached and shaped exactly according to the rider's usage.


DiscTruckerSurly's lineup of various bikes with cruising ability that allows you to go to the other side of the earth if you feel like it, outstanding straight running stability, stable braking force provided by disc brakes and expandability that you can play with wheel size Even among them, I conclude that it is a self-recommended highest rank touring bike.

If we live in North America, South America, Europe or Africa, Surly thinks the finished Disc Trucker is very stable. However, the place where we live is the so-called urban "Nagoya". (Although there is a question mark, though ...)
Therefore, I think that there can be a Disc Turcker in the city.

This time, I tried to put that thought into shape as a Circles special.

This disc tracker is based on the framesetSphere paintSince the parts are repainted and the parts are removed from the finished car, the price is kept as low as possible, it is easy to use, and we have made a heartfelt choice so that you can straddle the saddle for a long time.

First of all, the big difference from the finished car is that the normal disc tracker is equipped with 26 inch wheels, but this car body is equipped with 27.5 inches which is one size up. It can be said that this is the greatest benefit of being able to use the bicycle twice or three times in various situations thanks to the spread of disc brakes (although it is also called all-road). In terms of Circles, I would like to call it Quiver Bike.) Well, by increasing the outer diameter of the wheels, the power to overcome obstacles becomes stronger, and on the steps between the sidewalk and the road, and on the gravel that you will occasionally go to. It also improves the sense of stability.

Of course, the cruising ability will also increase, so you will be able to run longer distances more comfortably. It will be a little difficult to install the maximum width tire size that can be used with 26 inches, but since there is almost no epic environment like long touring in Japan and overseas, we will focus on asphalt and jeep road. I think this size is the best.

And if you push your feet further, you will find the strongest tag of Velocity and SimWorks.Gorilla SpunAssembled wheels are the hallmark of this bike, SimWorks' The Homage offers light rolling on the road and stability on flat dirt, while Velocity Cliffhanger offers outstanding strength and durability. Will do it. This time, I installed The Homage, but it is the real pleasure to go out with the bicycle to expand the tire options according to your own way of playing, so please always be aware of the tire options.

To put it briefly, it is the best specification for gravel rides and camping rides near the Tokai region.

This Special Disc Trucker is one of the best all-rounders, taking you to the city, gravel and touring wherever you want.

Let's head to summer with a partner who can go back and forth between everyday and extraordinary.


The size is 52 cm, so people with a height of 170 cm to 175 cm can ride.

Bike Spec

Frame SURLY / DiscTrucker / Violet By Kyutai Paint
Handle SALSA Cowbell 3
Brake HAYES CX Expert
Main Group SRAM Apex 2x10 Speeds
Saddle BROOKS Ba7 Standard
Rim VELOCITY / Cliffhanger 650B 32H
Tire SIMWORKS BY PANARACER / The Homage 650x43B

Pedal not included



Size Size

Seat Tube (C-C) 520mm
Top Tube (C-C) 535mm
Effective Top Tube (C-C) 540mm
Seat Tube Angle 73.5°
Head Tube Angle 71°
Heat Tube Length 163mm
BB Drop 47mm
Chain Stay Length 460mm
Fork Length 376mm
Fork Offset 45mm
Wheelbase 1053.1mm
Stand Over Height 774.5mm
Stack 550.3mm
Reach 374.6mm




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