SOTO Slide Gas Torch


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A small windproof burner with an extended crater. It can be stretched and safely used, and the storage can be shortened to make it compact.
A powerful windproof burner with a flame temperature of 1,300 ° C backs up the outdoor scene, so you can safely ignite in various scenes.
In addition, since the fuel is refillable, lighter gas can be used in addition to economical cassette gas.

● Dimensions Width 35 x Depth 18 x Height 110-185 mm
● Weight 55g
● Crater diameter 14mm
● Flame temperature 1,300 ℃
● Flame size Diameter 3 × 15mm
● Flame shape Extra-fine concentrated flame
● Fuel used Economical cassette gas, gas for lighters
● Burning time about 15 minutes
● Continuous use time within 30 seconds

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