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"Shin Fuji Burner Co., Ltd." was established in 1978 as a manufacturing company for industrial burners.
The development of the "Poke Torch," which was launched in 1990, was the catalyst for our work on outdoor products. Originally developed as a tool for crafts, its powerful flames have excellent wind resistance, so we turned our attention to demand in the outdoor market. That's why we launched the "SOTO" brand.

At the heart of the SOTO brand are combustion appliances that use cassette gas as fuel. We are trying to differentiate ourselves from other manufacturers in terms of fuel economy and convenience, and expectations are rising for future demand.


BrokenYou don't need a mantle or squirts that are easy to get rid of. Platinum emitting lantern.

The mantle is vulnerable to shocks and requires a squirt for protection. However, the platinum-emitting lantern does not have a mantle and instead of a sea squirt, it wears a reflector that is robust and has an excellent light-collecting effect.

Platinum emission is also strong against wind, and this reflector alone can be used without being affected by wind.

● Dimensions Width 77mm x Depth 65 x Height 110mm (when used),

Width 33 mm x depth 58 x height 142 mm (when stored)only a main part

● Weight 210g (main unit only)

● Illuminance * 1 When using 120 lux (equivalent to 80W) SOD-725T and SOD-710T

● Fuel used SOTO product dedicated container (OD can)

● Usage time Approximately 6.0 hours (when using one SOD-725T) Approximately 2.0 hours (when using one SOD-710T)

● Ignition method Piezoelectric ignition method

● Material Luminous body: Platinum * 2, Head guard / Reflector / Instrument plug knob / Luminous body guard: Stainless steel, Ignition switch / Air adjustment lever: Resin

● Storage case for accessories RemarksCylinders are sold separately.

* 1 Measured value at a point 50 cm away from the light source at a temperature of 25 ° C and 3 minutes after ignition.
* 2 The luminous body (platinum) is a consumable item. Illuminance decreases due to holes or deformation on the surface. Conversion is required if the illumination drops significantly. * Total flash time 100-200 hours is a guideline for replacement. (Depends on natural conditions and fuel used)

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