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"Shin Fuji Burner Co., Ltd." was established in 1978 as a manufacturing company for industrial burners.
The development of the "Poke Torch," which was launched in 1990, was the catalyst for our work on outdoor products. Originally developed as a tool for crafts, its powerful flames have excellent wind resistance, so we turned our attention to demand in the outdoor market. That's why we launched the "SOTO" brand. At the heart of the SOTO brand are combustion appliances that use cassette gas as fuel. We are trying to differentiate ourselves from other manufacturers in terms of fuel economy and convenience, and expectations are rising for future demand.


Lava stone plate for exclusive use of regulator stove

・ Because it absorbs excess oil, it is calorie-free and healthy.
・ It is even more delicious due to the action of abundant mineral components.
・ Ingredients are not easily burnt and smoke is not easily generated.
-Easy to prepare, clean up, and maintain before the start of baking.

Lava stone has a high effect of far infrared rays, traps the taste of meat and vegetables, and bake it plumply and juicy from the core.
It also has excellent heat storage properties, so it can be used with a low heat source.

* This product is exclusively for SOTO Regulator Stove ST-310 Regulator Stove Fairytale Model, ST-310MC. Please do not use it on other stoves.
* Regulator stove and cassette gas are not included in this product.

Product Specifications
● Dimensions: Width 140 x Depth 140 x Height 20 mm
● Weight: 0.9kg
● Material: Domestic lava stone

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