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Dentist and enthusiastic skier Bob Smith wanted comfortable goggles that wouldn't fog and developed the world's first double-lens goggles himself. And the fact that the prototype was exchanged for a lift ticket on the slopeSmithOptics It was the catalyst for the launch of the brand.

Even after the brand was established, the desire for new things never ceases, and that isSmith OpticsIt has become a brand belief and continues to develop innovative eyewear by developing various technologies such as regulator system, turbofan system and lens exchange system. And it is not only eyewear, but in the field of winter sports, helmets are also under development of new products.

It ’s also the first time we Circles started handling eyewear.Smith OpticsIt was a product of. It's also because I was fascinated by the belief that I would always be an innovator.

SuchSmith OpticsHas entered the new field of bicycles and has become a model that adopts new technology that has never been seen before.

The best feature is the polymer material (polymer), which has 30% or more higher shock absorption than the commonly used EPS material.KoroydThe point is that it uses (colloid). TherebySmithThe cycle helmet is a total balance that achieves a high level of functional aspects required for a helmet such as lightness, ventilation, impact protection, and aerodynamics.


NETWORK / Network is a new model of 2018 whole body. It has all the performance, style and versatility, and achieves a clean and modern design and high protection and ventilation function using colloidal material. Colloid is used in the most important zone for vehicle impact to emphasize safety. The air evac system that emphasizes the flow of air reduces fogging of eyewear while driving to the utmost limit and always ensures a comfortable view. Channel design that securely secures eyewear to the front of the helmetIs also a feature.



Compared to the conventional model, the colloid is placed only on the temporal region and the opening on the crown is large, which provides higher air permeability. By equipping MIPS as standard equipment, it has been devised to minimize damage to the brain even in the unlikely event.

Also, sunglassesDesigned to fit along the radius of the helmet, there is a gap that fits the temple exactly, so it is more securely fixed while having the same sense of unity with the helmet as before, and the sunglasses are removed while riding. You can safely store it in the situation you want. It is a Smith-like detail that you can see with a strong commitment to the fusion of eyewear and helmet.



S 51 --55 cm
M 55-59 cm
L 59 --62 cm



 Vapor fit system
MIPS standard equipment: Shock absorption system that suppresses damage to the brain
Weight: 300g (size: M)

Introducing the Network Helmet from smith optics on Vimeo.


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